Monday, August 28, 2017

Punch a Nazi in the face

Two weeks ago, I saw a woman get mowed down by a white supremacist. Her body was all over the news, bruised and mashed from being battered by the tires. Her arms and face mangled and her mother weeping over her daughter, all on national television. Two weeks, ago I saw a Nazi wave a tiki torch in the face of a black boy and tell him he was worthless. Two weeks ago, I saw our president excuse the people who did these atrocities and put the blame on the victims for being attacked. America has a problem that should not go untreated. I have the belief that punching the Nazi's in the face will catalyze change a lot faster than writing a blog.

When a portion of a society with negative intentions comes to power, it is the roll of the minority to rise above. It is out job to stand up against unfair systems, if we don't then we should be held accountable for the injustices that follow. Never in history has a centrist ever fixed a major issue. The Civil Rights movement would not have been successful had it not been for the Black Panther Party. The common brain-dead neoliberal will say that violence in response to violence never works, but it seems to me that writing blogs about issues does even less. This blog will not have the same effect as me going out into the street and punching a Nazi in the face.

The time is now to be able to stand up against prejudice. Stand up the way a Nazi would, except instead of holding up a Nazi salute, curl your fists into their faces. Show them the face of the resistance.

We must take action now, before it is too late.

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  1. This stance is something that I struggle with. You are right re: the way that the established power uses the rhetoric of nonviolence to excuse itself from wrongdoing and from actual radical action and change. On the other hand, I have believed for a long time that violence is wrong. This is a lie that I tell myself as I eat chicken that I have elected to have anonymously slaughtered, but it is a lie that I find a great deal of comfort in. AND, I DO think that violence begets violence, and that innocent people WILL get caught in the middle, and I just don't know what to do about it...

    Your first paragraph is quite powerful. The anaphora is GREAT, and the two weeks bit works to emphasize the dissonance of the actual events (real life nazis in the streets) with the recentness.

    The writing a blog bit could work, if it built into a more clearly articulated discussion of action over talk. You head that way in your second paragraph, but you don't let it crystallize into a broader commentary. (One more paragraph before your "the time is now" bit would do the trick!"